1. Lots and Single graves for the interment of the remains of Human Beings are sold subject to the perpetual care provided by the Association, to regulations as to the use of the grounds, to the installation of monuments and markers and to prices determined by the Directors of the Association.
  2. A Deed of Ownership will be issued upon full payment of the single grave or a multiple grave lot. Transfer or resale of lots or a portion of a lot may be made only upon approval of the Association. All requests for a transfer must be made in writing to the Association and recorded in its records.
  3. A lot may be selected and reservation made with the Office Secretary, who will issue a contract to the Party. Reservations will be held for 30 days awaiting return of the signed contract and 10% of the cost as down payment. Remainder to be paid in 6 months or arrangement for payment can be made within that time. No payment or arrangement in that time, down payment will be forfeited. For any lot selected at the time of a death, one grave and all Cemetery charges must be paid before the interment. Pine Grove Cemetery will bill the family for any additional lots contracted for at the time, on the above basis.
  4. All excavations for burial vaults, monuments, grave markers and the opening and closing of all graves, will be performed under the direction of the Superintendent. The Superintendent or his assistant is required to be present at every interment.
  5. An order for the opening of a grave must be accompanied by a written authorization from the lot owner through the Funeral Director. When a person to be interred is not a member of the family of the lot owner, an order in writing will be required from the lot owner authorizing the interment. All cemetery charges including grave opening must be paid before the interment.
    Notice of grave openings shall be not later than 11am the day prior to the service. Vaults for the interment must be delivered to the cemetery at least (2) working hours prior to the interment. No funeral will be allowed in the cemetery on Sundays or Legal Holidays, the only exception being in the case of death from a contagious disease, when immediate interment is ordered by the health authorities.
    Saturday A.M. funerals will carry an extra charge determined by the Association ad must be in the cemetery by 12 Noon. Additional charges will be accessed for any funerals arriving after 12 Noon.
    Notice for a Monday funeral in a previously owned lot must be received by the Cemetery Office by 12 Noon the Friday before.
  6. Saturday A.M. Funerals will carry an extra charge determined by the Association and must be in the Cemetery before 12 Noon. Notice for a Monday morning funeral in a previously owned lot must be received by the Cemetery Office by noon the Friday before. For any other situation eight (8) working hours notice prevails.
  7. Over-boxes or vaults of concrete or non-deteriorating material are required for each interment. Wooden over-boxes are not allowed.
  8. Only one body will be interred in a grave, except for cremains, with written permission of the lot owner. Double depth burials will be allowed only in Section V. Proper burial permit or cremation certificate must be presented before a body will be interred.
  9. Cremation ashes must be interred in provided urn vault unless approval by the Superintendent has been obtained. No more than 3 cremations may be interred in any one grave plot.
  10. No disinterment will be permitted except on written request of the lot owner and at his expense, or by order of a civil authority having jurisdiction over such matters. A licensed funeral director must be present during the disinterment and disinterment must be made by the Cemetery personnel.
  11. During certain periods of the year, inclement weather may dictate the placing of a body temporarily in the receiving vault and interred in the Cemetery at some future date by the Superintendent.
  12. Lots must be fully paid before a monument or headstone may be placed. Only one monument may be erected on each lot or plot. Plans for all monument work must be submitted for approval to the Superintendent. Foundations for all monuments and markers must be made by the Cemetery at the expense of the lot owners.
  13. The setting of monuments, stones and vaults and the transportation of all tools, materials etc. within the grounds shall be subject to the direction of the Superintendent. Also when bringing in new stones, the drivers must report to the Superintendent before unloading same.
  1. The Association will not be responsible for any damage to, or loss of, any articles which may be placed in the Cemetery, due to causes beyond its reasonable control, such as acts of thieves, vandals and all acts of Providence.
  2. Cut flower containers of approved type will be permitted. Glass and tin cans are prohibited.
  3. A flower bed or box is permitted in front of the monument only. It must not extend more than 8 inches beyond the face of the monument.
  4. All allowed plantings in front of monuments must be well maintained or they will be removed by the Superintendent and Cemetery personnel. 
  5. No planting allowed in the Urn Garden Section. Only cut flowers will be allowed in suitable containers. These will be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery.
  6. Fences, copings, hedges or other enclosures around or within lots or graves shall not be allowed. Any in existence to be removed by the Superintendent if they have become objectionable in his opinion. No urns of any description shall be placed on any lot. Those now in use may be maintained but not replaced.
  7. Grave coverings of suitable evergreens, made in forms of wreaths or blankets, are permitted during winter months. Winter decorations will be removed March 1st.
  8. All lots are mowed and trimmed by section; fertilizing and reseeding when deem necessary by the Superintendent. Lot owners or others may not fertilize or reseed individual lots within a section, as uniformity or material used and color of grasses is deemed necessary.
  9. No shrubs, evergreens or trees may be planted on any lot by its owner without permission of the Cemetery Superintendent.
  10. Any shrub or tree that becomes unsightly, as to size or appearance, will be trimmed or removed by the Superintendent and Cemetery personnel.
  11. Remembrance lights are permitted. There shall be no more than one light per grave. The lights are to be steadily lit and are not to contain any glass. Any light deemed objectionable will be removed without notice.
  12. No dogs or pets of any kind shall be permitted on the Cemetery grounds.
  13. No Alcoholic Beverages, Illegal Drugs or Firearms shall be brought into the Cemetery. Firearms may be used at Military Funerals by Authorized Military Personnel only. Shell casing must be picked up and taken away by those using the Firearms.
  14. A Speed Limit of 10 M.P.H. will be strictly enforced.
  15. Subject to the above Rules & Regulations, the Superintendent has full authority to maintain order; to enforce the Rules and Regulations as set forth. Visitors, lot owners or contractors and their employees are reminded that the Cemetery is sacredly devoted to the dead and that a strict observance of all the decorum due such a place shall be required of them.
  16. Any item that has been deemed objectionable and removed from a lot will be safely stored in the maintenance garage for pickup by the family. They can be picked up between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. or an appointment can be made by calling the cemetery office.